“We wanted to go a holistic route with our health and ended up finding Dr. Carey. For the first time, I feel like we found a doctor who genuinely has our well-being in mind. I will definitely be recommending him to my family!”
John B.

“Dr. Carey is awesome! I live in Arizona, and every time I am back to KC for a visit, I make it a point to get an adjustment here. Great atmosphere, awesome location. Love Carey Chiropractic.”
Lauren C.

“Dr. Carey knows what he’s doing. Never having been adjusted before, I didn’t realize the strain that can build up over time. Dr. Carey was patient and informative throughout the whole process. By the end of my first session, I was feeling more limber than I had in a long time. Thanks, Dr. Carey!”
Dagin F.

“For the past several years, pain in my elbow and shoulder restricted my motion and impacted my ability to play sports, take notes and drive. After a few adjustments, my range of motion has increased and the pain has significantly diminished. Dr. Carey is knowledgeable, professional and communicative. I would highly recommend him!”
Hanna C.

“I get beat up a lot from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but I can always depend on Dr. Carey to put me back together. Now my new baby sees him make sure she grows up right. Friendly and professional!”
Collin C.

“I recommend Dr. Carey to all those who seek health- from newborn colic to athletic injuries to overall health maintenance!”
Lexi L.

“Dr. Carey is one of the kindest men I’ve ever met. On top of his knowledge and love of learning, he is a wonderful human and everyone is better off just by him being around! I trust him in the care he offers and any facts he states.”
Charity R.

“A very caring and thorough doctor, great with the very young, us older folks and everyone in between.”
Kathy B.

“Dr. Carey has helped me a lot with my back issues. I’m in my 20s but I have some SI joint issues from sitting a lot in graduate school and some intense sports I do. Sometimes my lower back just seizes up and I can’t walk! It is so painful. John helped me reduce that happening in intensity and frequency. Then I got pregnant and it started to get worse again and he helped me again! John is knowledgeable and friendly and talented. I highly recommend!”
Kathy C.